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You will surely turn into a believer once you try Serenity’s Stone Massage. It is our signature service as well as a client favorite. This massage follows the same principles of the Swedish Massage but with a bonus: stones. Heated stones help achieve deep, lasting relaxation. The stones are positioned on the parts of the client’s body where the pain is dominant. The stones are water heated to a temperature slightly hotter than your dishes out of the dishwasher. But the secret to keeping these stones emitting heat is their shape. Once warmed your therapist will apply the heated stones onto targeted chakra areas on your body, enhancing the sensations of peace and relaxation, while maximizing the therapeutic benefits of your massage.

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This therapy is recommended for individuals who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other kinds of chronic pain. The penetrating effects of the heated stones allow the therapy to deliver relaxation and relief without unnecessary or excessive pressure. Visit our spa and experience one hour of this therapeutic healing. Hot Stone Massage is a truly surreal experience so call to make your appointment today!

What Our Happy Customer Say

What Our Happy Customer Say

  • All the other massage therapists I've been to either rush or it felt like they are just rubbing lotion on your skin!! With Lydia she truly wanted me to have the best experience and really cared about removing all the tension and knots that my muscles had. I went in with my muscles so tight and full of knots, an hour later I came out relaxed with no knots and felling absolutely amazing. I definitely recommend her for a massage, she really knows her stuff!
    Ashley Joaquin
  • The studio is super clean, Great Massage, I did not want to leave.
    Luca Gisonni
  • OMG!!!😚😚😚 She is amazing this is the best place to get the greatest massage in the world
    Ivette Perez
  • I just had a two hour massage yesterday, I was so tense. I have been to Lidia 3 times now, I'm addicted. She makes me feel so loose and relaxed. The best part is that it doesn't hurt the next day, which I was used to from other massages. The facial is wonderful, going back for one this week. I recommend Lidia 120%, she has some special hands and always knows where you hurt. She's very knowledgeable. You certainly get a lot for your buck there. Great atmosphere and a lovely, sweet Lidia. Hurry up and get the best massage you can ever get... Vera
    Vera Hanck
Something to keep in mind for any massage appointment is to inform your massage therapist of particular problem areas, or recent falls/injuries so that he/she can focus their attention to relieving the pain. Tell us what you need, and our professional massage therapists will curate the procedure according to your preference, comfort, and sensitivity. Schedule an appointment with us today!
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