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Okay, let’s get nerdy. What is this lymphatic massage and what does it do? The Lymphatic Massage is a specialty type of massage that is not really discussed but has amazing healing qualities. Only the best and knowledgeable Licensed Massage Therapists are skilled enough in this style of massage. Believe it or not, there is a lot of science behind this massage due to its healing qualities. The lymphatic system is your body’s waste removal system that flows in its own, separate system, so as to not touch the good and healthy blood. The lymphatic picks up old, worn out cells, foreign pathogens, extra fluid, etc in the body to be destroyed and “thrown out” as needed. However, after surgery or during illness, this system gets inflamed and/or backed up. You can visibly see the lymphatic system struggling when you see swelling after surgery -- such as when a cosmetic plastic surgeon completes a tummy tuck or liposuction. A sluggish, stopped up, and toxic lymphatic system means continued inflammation and pain, and a longer recovery time.

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A great Licensed Massage Therapist reopens and promotes rapid healing in the body through this specialty massage. Serenity Massages of The Palm Beaches uses very light pressure to redirect the liquid toxins found in your body. And a Serenity Massages’ skilled therapist greatly improves the Lymphatic flow to help empty stopped up ducts and sluggish branches post-surgery in the lymphatic system. This style of massage is necessary after surgery to get you back on your feet quickly and to see results sooner. After your FIRST massage you should notice the pain and swelling dramatically decrease by next day. With following sessions, one might notice bruised sites have shrunken substantially and incision(s) will have minimal to no redness. Yes, a lymphatic massage means up and walking again in no time!

Lymphatic massages are also recommended for those who suffer from Diabetes. Diabetics may note daily swelling in their hands, legs, and feet, so the movement of all those stagnant toxic fluids my just be what is needed with this style of massage. Also, those who are undergoing chemotherapy will also reap benefits from a great lymphatic massage. Chemo drugs are notoriously harsh chemicals for the blood and the lymphatic system to carry. Better flow to-and-from means back to family and friends sooner after treatments.

With all the terrific benefits from a lymphatic massage, it’s a wonder as to why you haven’t already called! Serenity Massages can work alongside your doctor’s office to have you back up and running sooner. Don’t hesitate, call today.

What Our Happy Customer Say

What Our Happy Customer Say

  • All the other massage therapists I've been to either rush or it felt like they are just rubbing lotion on your skin!! With Lydia she truly wanted me to have the best experience and really cared about removing all the tension and knots that my muscles had. I went in with my muscles so tight and full of knots, an hour later I came out relaxed with no knots and felling absolutely amazing. I definitely recommend her for a massage, she really knows her stuff!
    Ashley Joaquin
  • The studio is super clean, Great Massage, I did not want to leave.
    Luca Gisonni
  • OMG!!!😚😚😚 She is amazing this is the best place to get the greatest massage in the world
    Ivette Perez
  • I just had a two hour massage yesterday, I was so tense. I have been to Lidia 3 times now, I'm addicted. She makes me feel so loose and relaxed. The best part is that it doesn't hurt the next day, which I was used to from other massages. The facial is wonderful, going back for one this week. I recommend Lidia 120%, she has some special hands and always knows where you hurt. She's very knowledgeable. You certainly get a lot for your buck there. Great atmosphere and a lovely, sweet Lidia. Hurry up and get the best massage you can ever get... Vera
    Vera Hanck
Something to keep in mind for any massage appointment is to inform your massage therapist of particular problem areas, or recent falls/injuries so that he/she can focus their attention to relieving the pain. Tell us what you need, and our professional massage therapists will curate the procedure according to your preference, comfort, and sensitivity. Schedule an appointment with us today!
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