Even being Santa can be hard, so give the right gift. Gift a MASSAGE!

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July 21, 2017
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December 28, 2017
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Even being Santa can be hard, so give the right gift. Gift a MASSAGE!

Year after year it’s the same thing. Everyone trampling over one another in the stores trying to save big on a gift for everyone. All in vain but someone came in before you and cleaned out the shelf. Or worse, he/she didn’t want that gift, and ends up not even using it at all.  It’s all so exhausting, and truthfully, at times quite painful.


This year say no to being stepped on. Say no to horrible gifts. Say no to gifts so bad they become regifted, and say yes to considerate and painless presents! So lose the panic and phobia of entering the stores and coming back empty handed.

This year you can order all the perfect gifts from home. Just call serenity and you can order gift certificates for you friends and family. We accept most forms of payment, you can even use paypal. That means it will be easy to buy. Santa Claus uses us when he knows he has hard to please clients. Yes, we are backed by the big ho-ho himself.

So get a gift certificate! Then your special someone will have their choice on getting any of our wonderful 5 star rated services. From out of this world licensed massages to looking and feeling 10 years younger with our exclusive facials. And what’s this…? Serenity Massages has Christmas special that are going on until January 31st?! Yeah, the big jolly man says he is tired of the running around and says you can take over the reins for a change.

So call today and take advantage of the buy one GET ONE 25%. By the way, other specials are available right now but we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so… call today!