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April 5, 2017
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March 22, 2018
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An Acne Treatment for your skin with three different wavelengths of light energy; blue, red, and near infrared. Each wavelength travels through the skin to provide energy to under-functioning cells at different depths to bring about a variety of benefits. Blue light travels is the shallowest penetrating wavelength, and is proven to kill acne-causing bacteria. Red and near-infrared light reach cells deeper in the tissue to reduce the inflammation and redness associated with acne lesions and generally enhance over skin tone and texture. You deserve to live confident and comfortable in your skin.
Retire your bottles of cleansers and choose the safe, relaxing, and effective method of treating your acne at Serenity Massages with light therapy.

Acne Treatment 2 x 1

(2 Sessions)

for $85.00

So, if anyone knows what a pain it is to gift, it's me. I hate not coming up with the right gift. It's like all the thought that goes into buying something special goes to waste when he/she doesn't have that "oh wow!" face. But last year I gifted a massage to someone I care for and you know what the whole process was super easy and that person they booked another massage again! I felt SOOOO pleased with myself for gifting the right gift! So, guess what? Serenity Massages is my go to place for all my massages. They have easy-to-purchase gift certificates and I can use my PayPal account (which is awesome)!  

So here are some of the specials that I know are currently being offered:

  1. New Customers ALWAYS have a 10 minutes free massage. So if you are not sure you want to gift a massage then just swing by and get 10 minutes free. Trust me, 10 minutes will make you a believer. Those Licensed Massage Therapists are the real deal. I recommend you call ahead though, so you don't have to wait. They seat very quickly and are easy to find.
  2. Wednesday Special - Relax from your mid-week stresses every Wednesday! Call us now to book your 50 minute massage for only $76. That is a steal!
  3. New You Facial is going on until March 31st. We have spent this awkwardly cold season cooped up inside and bearing the cold in places that aren't normally that cold. So Serenity is offering a New Years, New You facial. A facial peeling and then harmonizing of your skin with specially crafted skin care line: Environ. All this for 20% off! You will absolutely love your newly discovered soft skin! Not to mention that wonderful you can start 2018 off on the right foot. I gifted myself this New You Facial and am addicted to the Environ Skin Care line.
Those are the specials that I know are out there but call Serenity today to take advantage of excellent pampering and the wow-ness of being pampered from head to toe! Call today at 561-697-9124

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