10 Signs your pain is being ignored

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10 Signs your pain is being ignored

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Pain is no joke. But it also one to the hardest things to treat. Because no one understands your pain better than you. Pain is often conditioned as the 6th sign (or 5th depending on where you go). A nurse will access your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygenation, respiration, and temperature, before finally asking you about your pain. 0-10 pain scale with a 10 meaning it’s the worst.

When pain is felt it is real and often times it goes unresolved. “Oh, it’ll go away on its own” can easily become “don’t worry, it was worse yesterday” to eventually changing your overall personality if left unresolved.

I have seen it to often someone comes in for a massage and by their 3rd session they are crying, confessing they had lived with pain for years without relief. A pulled muscle, a pinched nerve, shoulder pain — all ignored for years but treated here at Serenity. So here are the top 10 signs I have learned when it comes to pain:


10.   Waiting for the pain to subside before you decide to take another step

9.     You get outrageously angry when someone accidentally bumps your pained area

8.     You find it hard to go to sleep or stay asleep because the pain is there gnawing at you.

7.     Not playing with your kids, family, or friends because your pain might flare up

6.     A good day is when your pain is under an eight.

5.     Day to day task are done while you are medicated for pain, if not, people will find you on the couch or bed.

4.     Avoiding the doctor’s office so you won’t hear the diagnosis (you fear it may be awful).

3.     Refills on pain relievers are always the priority.

2.    People start to suspect you are a drug abuser because your personality has changed, but it is the pain and they

don’t understand that.

1.     When you know which pain killers help and which ones your body has already begun to “tolerate”.


Treat Your Pain Today

If you are meeting at least 4 of the 10 you already are in serious trouble. If 2 of the ones that pertain to you are in the top 5 then you need something else to help treat the pain you are feeling. Medication is not the only answer. Not only it a short term answer but it is harsh on the body. Your risk liver toxicity, kidney damage, drug interactions with some of the other medications you already may be taking. Some pain can be relieved by the right kind of massage and in seeking professional care. Call your doctor’s office and don’t delay further treatment.


Call Serenity we offer 10 minute free massage to all first time clients. Let us also see what we can do for you. Treat your pain early enough so that it doesn’t take control of your life.